On Great Contest Ideas

I have to invite her, but where?

I stumbled upon something awesome today! Ben & Fakto (French startup I wrote about in my first Mash Up post) is giving away 3 bags of Deexies condoms for Valentine’s Day. Deexies is a social business that gives away a free condom to an NGO for each condom bought. With problems such as HIV and other STDs infecting millions in developing countries each year, what better way to enjoy some naughty fun than by having a clear conscience?

To help them in their selfless endeavor, Ben & Fakto will give away 3 10-count bags on Valentine’s Day to whoever posts the best photos. Here’s the deal: Fakto fell in love with a girl but has gotten trapped in the undesirable friend zone. Ben, loyal friend that he is, decided to help and is reaching out to all of you. He’s asking you to think up a romantic location where Fakto could reveal his affection to his beloved and snap a picture. Upload your picture here and get voting! The photographers who took the 3 most popular pictures will receive a cute bag of 10 Deexies condoms.

You can like Deexies on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.