Job Search Tools

Time to become a young professional headed for the future — cheesy photo and everything!!

I’ve written several articles geared toward helping recent grads (and anyone else, really) get a job and plan on writing several more so I thought I would gather all of them neatly in one place O=]

  1. How to Make a Recruiter Like Your Resume
  2. Writing a Kick-Ass Cover Letter
  3. LinkedIn Can Help You Get a Job!
  4. How to Apply to Jobs (Very First Steps)
  5. Why HR Is Rejecting Your Resume
  6. Are Social Media the Reason You Can’t Get a Job?
  7. Will Playing Hard-To-Get Help You Land Your Dream Job?
  8. How to Ace a Phone Screen (Or Interview!)
  9. How to Structure a Resume
  10. How to Apply for a Job (Pro Tips)
  11. What a Recruiter Will and Will Not Do For you
  12. How to Make Yourself Stand Out (AKA How to Get an Interview)
  13. How to Get a Job/Internship
  14. Freebie from before I got into recruiting — How to Get a Job 7 Tips

And many more to come…

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