Kitty Day Care!

Have you missed Phelps as much as you missed me?

Phelps went to kitty day care for the very first time yesterday! Well… kind of. I spent the day with him at my boyfriend’s place while my apartment building was being treated for cockroaches. (Yuck, I know!)

He had a grand old day exploring ALL stories of my baby’s apartment…

He found a great view from the balcony

Phelps even tried to get into the washing machine! Could be a great alternative to kitty shampoos in my bathtub XD

He did a little trapeze act for me….


And finally passed out on the roommate’s chair ❤


It’s a Cat’s Life

… shenanigans and all!

For exercise, I like to fetch hair scrunchies. Who said fetching’s only for dogs?!

What I really love though, is knocking water and cups all over the floor

Oh, and rolling all the toilet paper out!

I’m so adorable… That’s how I get away with all of it!

Wreaking havoc is hard work!

But nothing a good nap and stretch won’t fix ;D

Meet Phelps!

This cute little guy was on Craigslist because the little girl who convinced her Mommy to get him started getting really bad allergies. Now this adorable, super cuddly and playful 6-month old Maine Coon is all mine ^^

The little girl named him Phelps because he likes to drink out of the sink when she brushes her teeth! ❤

He’s super sweet. He got used to my apartment within minutes (unheard of! I was incredibly surprised!) and went straight to his littler box, checked out the cat tree… then claimed one of my hair ties to play all evening =]

I think he’s going to be a great kitty ^^

Nyan Cat Rocks!

Do you know what rocks even more than nyan cat though? Nyan cat key chains, christmas tree ornaments, and other memorabilia so you can rock out whenever you have something to celebrate. (At Contract Live, we dance to nyan cat whenever we make a sale =] )

Cute, huh? =]

Here’s the link for the rest of them:

And a last for the road ❤

RIP Tic Tac, I loved ya kitty

My old granny of a cat died this morning =/

RIP Tic Tac

Wasn’t she cute?

It was sad… but really not that sad somehow. I think it still hasn’t quite sunk in. I drove up from San Jose at 8:30 this morning to take her to the veterinarian with my mom, but she didn’t even make it to the vet’s office. I wrapped her in a towel and set her down in my lap, and get this,


She was moving around a little trying to get comfortable and she just let it loose. Very gross… but somehow also kind of funny in hind sight. It’s better to laugh than to cry, right?

So we got her another towel and finally set off for the vet’s office, minus any more accidents. Tic Tac was really calm when my mom parked in front of the door–I figured she was quieting down and getting used to the car. I carried her in like an old dowager queen on a silver platter and set her back down in my lap as I took a seat. I looked down at her to see how she was doing and scratch her head… but she wasn’t moving anymore.

That morning she was having a lot of trouble breathing and kept her mouth open to pant, but it didn’t move anymore. I’ll spare you the details, but I still can’t get the sight out of my mind. My old kitty died in my lap. I’m a little scared that maybe I wasn’t careful enough with her, she was so light and frail, just skin and bones really.

She had a good, long life though and I guess it was just time to go.

R.I.P. Tic Tac. You were a wonderful kitty; headstrong and independent, just like me. I loved cuddling with you while I fell asleep at night, playing with you and trying to do homework while you played with my pens and books. I hope you weren’t too scared in the car, and I’m sorry if I wasn’t gentle enough with you.