Hi, I’m Sophie =]

Boring but necessary: ***These opinions and everything I write about in my blog are mine and do not reflect on my employer in any way, shape or form.***

Hi, I’m Anne-Sophie, “Sophie” to English-speaking friends.


I’m kind of “globally aware,” or more like travel-obsessed really. I was born in France and moved to the US when I was eight. I’ve since grown up and fallen in love with traveling, learning new languages, etc. I speak French, English, Japanese and some Mandarin, and have been to 10+ countries including Switzerland, Bahrain, Turkey… Got any suggestions for my next trip?  Thailand, Burma and Tibet sound really interesting! 

To keep things short, I’m fascinated by the world and loving every second I get to spend discovering it.

I created this blog so friends and family could keep up with my adventures after I moved back to France, but it has evolved over the years and has now become a nice, funky little potpourri of my life: job search tips (I worked in recruiting 1-2 years), startups — keep an eye out for features and interviews! — and post tons of pictures of my adventures and shenanigans.

Quick background on why you’ll see a bunch of pix of France / why I moved back: I returned to France in September 2011 in order to spend more time with my ailing grandmother and reconnect with my French roots. I got lucky and was soon gainfully employed managing e-marketing and the U.S. product launch for Contract Live, a French SaaS start-up. Then, I took off for an amazing trip around Europe and Asia summer 2012 before moving back to sunny California. Now I’m back in the bay, busily helping San Francisco’s burgeoning tech startups take it to the next level.

In short, I’ve got tons of interests so expect to find posts on everything under the sun complemented by loads of pictures! (Had a “picture-a-day” project going for a while.)

Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by! 

~ Sophie

P.S. you can follow me on Twitter at @Sophie_Bousset — I tweet about startups, music, job search tips and all sorts of fun stuff!

18 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Sophie =]

    • It’s not a silly question =] sometimes it’s just something you need to know. I added the “About Me” page using the menus tool. Let me know if you have a hard time figuring it out

  1. Just stumbled across your blog, and you’ve got some lovely pictures here. I lived nearly 11 years in France before moving to Connecticut just over a year ago for my husband’s job. My family is still there, so I got as often as I can. I’ve also grown up a little bit all over, so it was great to read your ‘about’ page! I definitely miss France very very much and hope we’ll be back there soon, so seeing your pictures puts a smile on my face – thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Dounia, I’m glad you like the pictures =] I checked out your about page too–it must have been a really interesting (if at times difficult) experience growing up all over the world like that! How do you like the US now that you’re back?

      • Thanks for stopping by my blog! It was a wonderful and difficult experience, all in one! If I had to though, I would do it again – the positive far outweighs the negative, even if there are some pretty hard times. I’m adapting to the US – something things are easier to get used to than other, but little by little I’m settling in 🙂

  2. Hey Anne-Sophie! I’m truly impressed by both your talent and confidence. I would have never had the courage to start a blog at such a young age. Best of luck with yours, and thanks so much for following mine. Cheers!

    • Hey Jaydon,
      Thanks for going through the trouble of going out and finding me! There should be an email waiting for you in your inbox.

      Happy Monday!

  3. Sophie, your blog has a lot that I am interested in: from job search skills to information about start ups. It is great to have information out there that can help us improve the world around us through work.

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