At What Point Do You Consider Yourself a Coder?

Yesterday, someone at work overheard me talking about CSS and asked me whether I was a coder by trade. While I don’t consider myself a coder, it was refreshing to think that it wasn’t so far-fetched for this guy to believe that I could be a coder.

It made a bit of an impression on me so I posted the exchange on Facebook and the attention it garnered made me realize that this is a topic folks are interested in, so here’s my latest musing: at what point do you consider yourself a coder?

At what point do you consider yourself a coder?

I’m definitely a novice when it comes to html and CSS (we’re going to save the “is writing CSS/html even coding?” debate for another blog post). My limited skill lies in understanding enough of what’s written to move things around, make adjustments and copy and paste things in the correct spot. I do a lot of Googling to figure out what I’m doing and fix things when I break something.

While many developers (I’m going to use these terms interchangeably in this blog post just to switch some of my wording up but do note that there is a difference between coders, developers and engineers) go the university route and get an academic education in coding, many simply learn to code by looking things up online and playing around until they get it right. Which brings me right back around to my initial question: at which point will I have become a coder?

Will that be once I’m able to build an elegant website from scratch? Once I’m good enough to get freelance development work on the side just for fun? Once I’m employed as a designer or front-end engineer?

Let’s hear it. What do you think?

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