Fainting in Bart, A Short Story

Stylized short story based on the morning’s events (I’m fine 🙂 )

My collar bone got hot, then my neck. My cheeks flushed and the edges of my vision started to turn black, pixelating like a screen. My head swam and tilted backwards, falling like the first moments of sleep as Bart disappeared.

It felt like a nap. I wasn’t in bed though. A woman was staring down at me and talking to a voice in the wall. Hair was in my face. I wiped it off and started to stand. Did friendly hands help me? A guy moved so I could take his seat. I shrugged my jacket off but still felt like I might throw up.

Could the lady ask the voice in the wall if I could get off the train?

Help is on the way.

I’ll just wait on the platform. The guy is nice – short with a warm smile, I note before I sit gingerly on the platform. The pavement is chilly and the breeze gives me goose bumps but it feels good. The medics are on their way too.

Did I hit my head? Everyone asks that. The medics too, once they arrive. They’re 2 youngish guys – Matt and Max? Matt with the blue eyes introduces everyone, but I don’t notice Max? pushing the gurney behind me until he asks me about France. He’s trying to distract me while Matt lays probes on my clavicle and feet, then pricks my finger to test my blood sugar. He wants to travel to France but broke up with his girlfriend. Is he flirting with me? Matt broke up with his girlfriend of 7 years 4 months after they moved in together. Guess it’s harder than it looks.

Did my Lyft finally find the ambulance? Man, they really need to fix those Bart trains! Why hasn’t an entrepreneur come up with a great alternative yet?


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