Thanks for making this year amazing, and Happy New Year!

It’s been a long and amazing year and I don’t know that I gave as much as I received, so I’d like to start 2015 by thanking just a few of the many people who made 2014 exceptional (in no particular order).

I’d like to thank my parents for always being there and dishing out some of the best advice around.

Will for reminding me to take chances.

Matt for always believing in me. You’re a hell of a cheerleader!

Helen for keeping me grounded. You remind me what truly matters ❤

Skye for inspiring me. You’re one of the smartest and humblest people I know.

Ms Thoe for being my stand-in Grandma. Your love and open mind know no bounds 🙂

Teresa for keeping my best interest at heart. Caleb put it best: “You protect your team fiercely!”

Stefan for cheering me up. You always know the right words to say when I feel like I’m drowning!

EB for expanding my horizons. My brain has absorbed so much knowledge and wisdom from speaking with you.

Ellie for teaching me the true meaning of teamwork. I had never had to work that closely with a single person before, but I like to think I went from stepping on your toes to being your 2nd work half ❤

Caleb for leading by example in humility. You are more amazing than you probably know 🙂

Olivia and Michele for giving me strong role models of women high up in startups. You own your success and intelligence 100%

Corey for setting me free. Who knew the crazy fun times I’d been missing out on!

Jake for just knowing. You’re down for everything, always get it and make a mean cake pop!

Stephanie for keeping me in line. You call it like you see it.

Eva for motivating me. I see everything you do and it makes me think I can too.

David and Renee for being my college family. You saved me from some pretty epic blunders!

And many more, special people. I know I don’t say it often enough, so thank you all. You mean a lot to me 🙂

Now go out there and have an amazing New Year!


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