New Prize Contest: jobularity!!

jobularityI’ve recently had the pleasure of getting involved with another Bay Area startup, jobularity, and am incredibly excited to share it with all of you!

I’ll keep it short and sweet: in my opinion, the point of jobularity is to be like LinkedIn, but even better. jobularity allows jobseekers to be more than a list of position titles and tasks. It gives you the opportunity to tell potential employers about your goals, your passions… give them a little feel of who you are!

Oh, and the user interface looks pretty cool too ;D

So, what does all that look like? Glad you asked! Here are a few screenshots =]

jobularity screenshot jobularity screenshot 2

jobularity screenshot 3 jobularity screenshot 4And now, the prize! A free job-search coaching session with me on how to apply for jobs, write/edit a resume & cover letter, tips on how to find jobs to apply for, apply for them, ace phone screens, interviews… whatever will help you be successful!

So  it may not be an iPad… but I do get paid $20-40/hr for this =] Or…. if you’re just that sure you’ve got it all going on (or love your job and don’t plan on going anywhere), I’ll take you out do dinner =3

How to enter the contest:

  1. Create a profile on jobularity
  2. Post the link to it here =]
  3. Extra entry into the prize drawing if you find a job you want to apply for & APPLY FOR IT!*

*Save a print-screen (of the screen that pops up after you finish applying) as proof you applied in case you’re the lucky winner.)

 Got a better idea for the prize? I’m open to suggestions O=]


6 thoughts on “New Prize Contest: jobularity!!

  1. If I was to do the Etsy thing. Would this work for that? Or is this more for a professional type job? Not saying Etsy cannot be made to be that. lol I am the kind of individual that makes stuff work like that.

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