How to Structure a Resume

I’ve been seeing a lot of interesting resume structures in my resume/cover letter/job application coaching sessions… so I thought writing a post about the aesthetics of a good resume might be worthwhile O=]

Here are the basics of a good-looking resume

  1. Your name goes at the top – nice and big
  2. You contact info underneath
  3. Then your objective — make it short, clear and persuasive (including the name of the company and something specific to the job you’re pursuing never hurts.)
  4. Next, your “skills” if you want to have such a section
  5. Then your professional experience
  6. Bold your headings (professional experience, education, etc.)
  7. Don’t write paragraphs about your past positions, use bullet point lists.
  8. Put the name of the company and its location on the same line (city goes on the right side) see example below
  9. Then the name of your role and the dates you held that position (dates go on the right side) see example below
  10. Don’t skip lines within a job description, but do skip 1 line between different jobs
  11. Make sure you have similar line indentations and bullet points throughout your resume (sounds silly, but it does happen and it makes your resume look very unprofessional!)
  12. Keep it short: 1 page, 2 max!
  13. Don’t be afraid to modify things (break some of these rules) — just do what it takes to make it look neat and organized.

And what does all this look like?

Sophie Bousset Resume

Hope this helps!

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