Spa Day in Half Moon Bay! =D

My hubby knows I’ve been stressed out because of work and health things so he took me on my very first spa day to wind down yesterday ^^

We saw dinosaurs on the drive over

We went to the Oceano Hotel and Spa for some relaxing treatments (highly recommend it — the staff were great and the treatments even better!)

The Oceano Hotel and Spa

The spa is located on a row of cute shops next to the hotel.

The Spa

Inside we were shown to a really cozy waiting room…

Never thought so much color could be so relaxing ^^

Cute, huh?!


… complete with tea!

Nothing beats tea to relax!

The first part of our treatment was a fragrant tea and honey bath =3

The bath smelled so good and made my skin so soft ^^

Then it was time for a hot stone massage! (But no pix of that =p)

Felt so nice and warm and relaxed afterwards =D So we strolled around the little shops on the strip and ended up getting some salt water taffy.

The Half Moon Bay Salt Water Taffy Company

It was a great way to wind down and forget about my week!


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