How to Apply to Jobs (Very First Steps)

Don’t know what you’re doing??

Applying for jobs doesn’t have to be scary!

No worries =]

So you’ve updated your resume with all your recent positions, you’ve done some research and now know how to write a stellar cover letter… So where are you going to find jobs to apply for?

Well, that depends on the kind of job you’re looking for! Craigslist is great for entry-level type tech positions, administrative jobs like receptionist… and really a large variety of other jobs! Dice is also great for all kinds of tech jobs, and LinkedIn has a wide variety of both entry-level and more advanced positions.

I recommend you do a little looking around to see where you find the most positions you find appealing.

Now what? First, you make sure you’re not wasting your time by making sure you have the required skills asked for in the ad. If you don’t have at least 75% of them, you’re most likely wasting your time (and the HR representative’s!)

Now that you know what the hiring manager wants, make sure you make it as clear as possible to them that you have those qualifications by tweeking your resume to show off key words. Not sure how to do that? Read this article. 

Then write a targeted cover letter (yes, write a different one for each position!) detailing your most persuasive experience to entice your reader to take the time to interview you. Look here for tips on how to write a great cover letter.

Now what? Wait a week or so and follow up if you don’t hear back (unless the ad specifies otherwise.)

Be courteous to whoever you’re dealing with. * Honestly, we do what we’re told. If you don’t have the skills our hiring manager wants to see then we will be wasting both your time and theirs by scheduling you for an interview even though they will not want to speak with you, so please don’t be upset with us. In a lot of cases we are simply the message-bearer.

As always, feel free to post questions and comments =]

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