One of my awesome coworkers wrote this post about how to register — cuz yes, youngsters, we are underrepresented! Now get out there and vote!!

The World as I see it: Unfiltered

As many of you saw, last night was the first presidential debate between President Obama, and GOP candidate Mitt Romney. This meant, of course, that this morning’s radio shows were packed with election information. I was listening to NPR and they mentioned that “young” voters were still the most underrepresented group in the electorate based on those who are registered.

Politics are difficult. I agree. I was a Political Science major at U of M and it is a pain in the ass kind of subject, if you are not at least 80% dedicated to staying in the loop.You’re suppose to keep up on current issues, figure out what is most important to you, research the issues, try to filter through all of the crap candidates may or may not be dishing out and make an educated choice. It is time consuming, it is difficult, and it is important. …

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