LinkedIn Can Help You Get a Job!

Yes, it’s true…. but only if you take a few steps to help yourself first.

First, why / how can LinkedIn help you get a job? Well, I’ve got a great way: everyday I reach out to people I find on LinkedIn for positions. Yup, these people are just hanging out at home, at work, living their lives and then they get an email about a job opportunity. And yes, it’s actually for a job many people reply back they’re interested to!

If that wasn’t very convincing, here’s another good reason to put a little work and TLC into your LinkedIn profile (or create one!), many recruiters, HR, hiring managers check out candidates’ LinkedIn profile (and Facebook, Twitter… you name it.) before deciding whether to interview them.

So what can you do to make yourself look good on LI?

  • List all of your recent positions with details regarding what you did, anything you were responsible for, and specific metrics (if applicable / possible) — this will help them determine whether you have the background they’re looking for (it’s like your virtual resume.)
  • Write a persuasive intro: describe your best attributes, what you can bring to an employer, and your goals. This is your opportunity to set yourself apart, show a little personality, it’s like a mini cover letter.
  • Use key words related to your industry in your profile (anywhere!) so that your profile comes up in searches for people with that background.
  • Complete your profile — LI has this handy box at the top right corner of your profile that gives you your profile completeness % and offers way to improve it. Do take the steps to complete it — it shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes and could pay off when HR looks at it. Having a complete LI profiles says that you’re 1.) professional, 2.) serious about finding a job. The only thing that reflects poorly on you is creating one and leaving it bare as a skeleton.
  • Post a picture — preferably a recent one that actually looks like you! (Yes, I was guilty of posting one that somehow didn’t really look like me all that much for a while. I got all dressed up in my business clothes so I really wanted to use it…. but it just wasn’t that useful!) People like to know who they’re dealing with, and a picture goes such a long way towards that!

So what does that look like?

You can check out my profile. Do keep in mind that mine is a little different though — it is not geared towards getting a job (I love my job!!) but towards all the candidates that look at it everyday when applying for my positions.

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