Hong Kong!

Hong Kong was amazing! I stayed with Alex at his apartment for a week and got to see tons of stuff! I met some local AIESECers, got to have British-style high tea time, and even went to several Buddhist sites ^^

High Tea



This Apple Store is huuuuuge!




This was a gorgeous viewpoint! Don’t remember what it’s called though ><‘ Post it in the comments Alex? O=]




Everyone was crowding over here to take pictures! The view of Hong Kong with all the lights was beautiful =]



We went out to get a yummy Japanese dinner afterwards =3



This place was pretty cool too. It looked so classy… reminded me of Europe for some reason O=] It was right smack in the center of Hong Kong, from what I remember.



There were cool trolleys running all over Hong Kong! We always rode on top in the very front ^^



Dim sum for the road =3



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