Shenanigans in San Mateo

Taking a quick break from all my pictures of Turkey (just finished editing all those and am starting on the ones from Hong Kong now ><‘) for some more recent stuff!!

Went on a fun little trip to San Mateo (near San Francisco) last week. That area is beautiful! They have gorgeous scenery and their downtown is NICE!

The San Mateo Railroad Station

Downtown San Mateo 

(See the yellow Beard Papa’s head on the window on the right edge of the picture? It was closed so we didn’t get to try any yummy cream puffs… )

This store was amazing! Like a Whole Foods ^^

We found so much yummy stuff inside =3


Found some sweet street art, but the lighting wasn’t very good =/

Went rollerblading at a gorgeous park with a lake afterwards too ^^

There were curvy benches in this park!

Aside from the memorial plaque (the stone a few pictures up), there were also several pretty statues =]

There were also several wind surfers! I was so jealous O=] It looks like so much fun!

PS: there was a store with equipment there so you can rent a board and try it out…


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