The Ancient Greek City of Ephesus

We stopped to check these ruins out on our way to the ruins of Ephesus, an ancient Greek city. I don’t remember what this place was called but hopefully Alex does–I’ll see if I can get him to post it in the comments O=]

We found this cool casket in the ruins, like a fancy cemetary!

Ephesus, the ruins of the ancient Greek city

First thing we saw upon entering the ruins (they’re gated off like a big park) was this huge coliseum off to the side. We followed the throng of people ahead of us there…

All the ruins inside the park were just gorgeous! It felt like I was walking around a piece of history. It was all worn down… and felt very mysterious. I guess it made me wonder who the people who used to live there were, how they lived, what they did…

There were a few short tunnels here and there!

Pretty, huh? ^^

New Facebook profile picture!

There were tons of cute kitties running all over the place =3

More pictures from my travels here!


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