Discovering Venice

Venice was absolutely gorgeous! The architecture was beautiful, the gondolas looked ever so romantic…. and the tourist traps abounded ><‘ Yeah… so Venice turned out to be rather touristy (which we pretty much expected since we did a little research online beforehand), but it was still a great stop in our trip and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to see pretty things.

3 days was a little bit too long for me though. I got bored after the first day since there wasn’t much to see (we’re young and healthy so we took advantage of our good fortune and walked around lots the first day without thinking to leave things for the next day…. oops.) It’s perfect if you’re a little less energetic and like to stroll around calmly though!

First Look: the first things we saw right outside the Venice train station =]

Great start, right? Now for the rest of the pictures… =]

I know this next pictures is a little silly, but I thought Smurfs ice cream sounded so funny! And no… I didn’t have the courage to try to the strangely-colored gelato…

I had the most delicious spaghetti carbonara EVER in Venice!!

Alex had some strange corn-shaped pasta.

The Church of San Barnaba

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