Day-Trip to Salzburg

Before we left Munich for Venice, Alex and I took a day-trip to Salzburg, Austria with our friends Silvia and Amanda. It’s where “The Sound of Music” with Jane Fonda was filmed.

The cow our friend Amanda is posing behind was decorated with scenes from “The Sound of Music.”

We found a beautiful park downtown and wandered around for a bit before heading over to the castle.

Wondering around downtown Salzburg

Alex found marionettes in one of the tourist shops.

I love cool clocks like this. I think my grandparents used to have one of them in their house when I was little =]

I saw this t-shirt and felt I had to take a picture for my brother!

We kept seeing horse-drawn carriages all over the place. It was a little like being in a Disney movie ^^

We had a really yummy, legit lunch at a local restaurant. This was pate and cold cuts, our appetizer.

Finding the castle

Inside the Castle

There was a gorgeous view of Salzburg from the top of the castle.

The castle was really neat, but we also had fun checking out the stores and surrounding area on our way down O=]


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