Beer Gardens, Parks and More in Munich

Hi everyone, I made it back home in California back and safe! I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while. This trip has been so packed with fun and interesting things to do and see I decided to put the blog off until I got back. Now that I’ve got time to write, here are some more pictures from my 5 days in Munich with Alex =]

Downtown Munich: Marienplatz (Marien Square)

Munich’s University District

For some reason, Alex and I kept finding arcs everywhere we went.

There was a great park in the University District. If I remember correctly, it’s the largest park in Munich. My pictures don’t do it justice though. The place was huuuuge!

We found this slide in the park. There was a band of local students playing instruments and singing nearby. The whole place had a great, laidback atmosphere (especially with all the kids going down the slide pictured below.)

There was also an old man with dreadlocked dogs! They were kind of smelly ><‘

Those 2 dogs were really funny. The male dog kept getting jealous of the female one that came over to be pet, but their owner explained to us that she actually dominates him!

There was a Chinese-style tower in the park too!

We discovered a great Indian restaurant in Munich. I definitely recommend it to anyone craving some curry and naan!

I loved the philosophical writings on the menus! Click on the picture to take a closer look =]


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