First Day in Munich!

Munich was 5 days of amazing fun! Alex and I went to bier gartens, parks, the Olympic Area from summer 1972, and even met up with some San Jose friends to visit Salzburg in Austria. All the pictures aren’t in this first entry. I’m going to try to keep it chronological so here’s a few from the first day.

The first picture I took in Munich! Alex and I crossed this school (?) while we were wondering around looking for Munich’s biggest bier garten. We got lost and then realized it was really close by the whole time! (The entrance was a small, rather hidden path to the park so we missed it.) 

Munich’s biggest bier garten. According to our host (who was awesome!), bier gartens (beer gardens) were created by monks. The monks made beer and always had some left over, so they though “We have beer, nice chestnut trees to keep people cool (they were part of the beer-making process, keeping the ground cool), why don’t we just let people bring their own food, buy our beer and have picnics?” And Munich’s bier gartens were born.

One of the coolest things about bier gartens is all the food options! They pretty much all sell sausages, sauer kraut, pretzels and (of course) beer, but some of them have other cool things like tomatoes on buttered toast too =3

The pig knuckle they served was really tasty!

The Nymphenburg Palace.



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