BusyFlow, Managing Cloud Apps in Style

The award of the coolest costume at LAUNCH Festival goes to Lithuanian startup BusyFlow!

These guys were walking around with a beekeeper outfit to show off their cute bee mascot. The founders were even kind enough to let me try it on! Let’s get to the serious stuff though, what do they do?

Cute mascot, huh?!

In the founders’ own words “BusyFlow is a workspace that creates the easiest way for you and your team to collaborate and manage cloud apps.”

More accurately, it allows you to juggle cloud apps such as DropBox, GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Tasks. The short of it is, BusyFlow allows you to integrate cloud apps so you can collaborate with a team more effectively. They have some very practical, nifty details: you can create a wall for each hive (erm, i mean project) you’re working on and attach a Dropbox file directly to a wall post.

Even better: they plan on adding Yammer (enterprise social network) and Basecamp (project management software) soon so go check it out! They have a free version =]

Oh wait! Did you want to see the beekeeper costume? O=]

It's Halloween all over again!

PS: I got a lot of my info from Arctic Startups. I highly recommend you check  it out!

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