The Most Unconventional Startup I Discovered at LAUNCH: Vibease

Vibease helps make sure your wife/girlfriend doesn’t become a barren “desperate housewife” when you’re away on business trips, anywhere really.

How does it work? **non-PG disclaimer–don’t let your kids or siblings read this** It’s a remote controlled vibrator… that looks like a cute bunny!

See? Cute white bunny ^^

The founder got the idea when he was working in the US while his wife was in Singapore. He didn’t want her to become… um, frustrated? And go look for physical fulfillment elsewhere, so he decided to take matters into this own hands (no pun intended.) He created a vibrator you can control with your iPhone. Without going into too much detail, I thought it sounded like a truly creative, innovative idea and that it has potential!

They’re also working on some more risqué solutions, but I’ll let you guys discover those on their website…

PS. They’re giving away 3 Vibease vibrators. Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or drop them your email to be entered.

——————————————————————————————————————–Project Happy: I watched an amazing episode of Home Makeover Extreme Edition on tv (yup, they show those in France too) in which the team rebuilt a new house for a woman who had fled her abusive husband and was struggling to take care of her children. It was a really emotional episode–you could see how thankful they were and how much this means to them. It made me feel very happy and humble to see there is so much kindness in this world =] There may be many people filled with hate and anger, but there are also so many people trying to help others. That has to count for something somewhere!


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