Kuyam, the New Personal Organizer/Assistant

Doesn’t that just say it all? We’re all super busy and service providers haven’t all figured out how to fit in this complicated landscape. In comes kuyam! (which means “a meeting place where we can come together” in chumash in case you were wondering =] )

Much more than just a platform where you can schedule hair appointments, workouts and doctors’ visits, kuyam also lets you sync your calendar with friends and family. I don’t need to go on and on about the value of knowing when people are going to be free when you schedule activities to do together or schedule an appointment for them, do I?

As if that wasn’t enough, kuyam also helps you discover local non-profit and for-profit companies!

And one last cool thing? Their visuals are just adorable!

Did I mention Jackie drew me a caricature in 2 min flat?


Project Happy: today I saw a little girl on a scooter with her dad. It was so cute I couldn’t help but smile =]

What made you happy today?

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