A Sunny Weekend in Paris

The weather was gorgeous this weekend so I decided to walk around and take lots of pictures =] Enjoy ❤

What beats taking a nap in the nice, warm sun?

The 19th arondissement in the East of Paris

That gate opens, the water level goes down, and boats can pass right on through...

Kinda wanted to run through that fountain!

What do France's presidential candidates have to do with condoms? Why, dealing with the AIDS epidemic of course!

Paris so pretty ^^

Decided to go to the Eiffel Tower, just 'cuz I can =p

Ended the day with a nice bowl of beef noodles from Les pâtes vivantes.

Yum =3

4 thoughts on “A Sunny Weekend in Paris

  1. Looks lovely!!
    #1 – I can’t imagine any of our presidential candidates putting their faces next to condoms… lol, especially the Republicans. Man, that would be a good day. 😉
    #2 – You don’t have to rub it in our faces that you can go up the Eiffel Tower whenever you want to! 😉 😉

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