Happiness Is In the Little Moments

Those unimportant, short-lived moments where you just live. Moments that help you forget your worries and keep track of what’s important =]

Nice weather and music do that for me! I had a pretty stressful day (an event I’ve been working on at work is happening tomorrow so it’s the last minute crazies, and one of my coworkers was pretty frustrating ><‘) but there was sunshine during lunch and the breeze made me wanna sing on the walk home, so it was still a good day =]

Plus, I saw a really big, happy dog in the elevator! He jumped up and hugged me =]

What did you enjoy today? What was your moment of peace and happiness?


10 thoughts on “Happiness Is In the Little Moments

  1. Yes, it also makes me smile to read your post. A happy moment today; when one of my kindergarden french student called me Mummy… he was so cute…

    • Aw ^^ I had such a nice happy moment today: I was grumpy because I’m a little stressed about the event today, and while I was rushing to get to the office a kind old man made way for me to pass. I made sure to give him a nice, big, happy smile and thank him =]

  2. Happiness is when the sun almost blinded my eyes by skillfully slipping through the window blinds in the office. Irritation had me violently march towards the blinds and thunderously scroll them up, down, left, and right. In the process, I discovered the weather outside was amazing and decided to sneaked out of the office and took a nap in the wilderness.

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