What a Great Idea!!

I just discovered French startup Tuttivox‘s app, àVoter, and Voxe on Liam Boogar and Roxanne Varza’s Rude Baguette (highly recommend you read it!) These awesome little apps allow you to compare French presidential candidates’ programs, vote on them, and share them with your friends.

This idea struck me as pure gold since I was recently thinking that there should be a place on the net where young people could go to get unbiased information on politicians and elections.


  1. Where the language is tailored to make these sometimes abstract dealings easier to understand
  2. Where young peoples’ best interests are put forward
  3. Where they can review politicians’ track records and see how their actions have differed from promises and expectations
  4. Where they can learn about the political system and the different pressures politicans manage.

Is there such a website? Please send it my way if you find it! If not, would probably be a good idea for a startup!


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