Shenanigans Around Paris

I started showing Alex around Paris today. We got to a bit of a late start ><‘ but we saw tons of stuff in a few hours and did way more walking than we expected.

First Stop: Basilique du Sacré Coeur

We walked around the charming streets behind the basilisc too

Found some cute cafes back there too ^^

Do you know what's in a chocolat viennois?

Scandalous ;D Michou's gay dance parlour

Required Stop: Eiffel Tower

Biking on a bench

Found this great view walking down the banks of the Seine River

Found the Statue of Liberty

We couldn't find the Cathédrale de Notre Dame though

We did find bamboo!

Then we got tired, had a nice croissant and went home =]


5 thoughts on “Shenanigans Around Paris

  1. Omg epic picture of Eiffel tower It looks like you see this everyday lol sad there is nothing like that here….paris looks awesome

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