Sugar Rainbows and Flying Kittens

Wow, what an amazing day! Totaly has been amazerockome ! Um… amazing, rocking and awesome? I feel like a puppy high on rainbow candy (probably sound like one right now too.)

PS: no, I am NOT on drugs, just very excited and running an important sleep deficit.

The 5 reasons today is awesome:

  1. The internet wasn’t working when I got to work this morning, so I got to take my time and enjoy eating breakfast: a nutella sandwich =3 Oh those simple pleasures…
  2. The mayor came to visit our office building. No joke. There was a procession of cleaners (wish I was kidding ><;), reporters, city officials… even champagne and snacks =3 He didn’t come to our office, but he did visit Spideo‘s (they’re friends with my bosses–does that include me by extension??)

    Bertrand Delanoë, mayor of Paris, visiting Spideo's office at Paris Région Innovation Nord Express.

  3. Alex is arriving in Paris in just an hour and a half! I’m beyond excited to see him ^^
  4. There’s an AIESEC Alumni France Café at Café du Rocher de Cancale tonight, and we should be able to make it there, albeit a little late, after dropping Alex’s luggage off at my apartment. I don’t have my camera right now =/, but I’ll see if I can gather some pictures to post!
  5. It’s the last day of the BFM Académieentrepreneur contest quarter finals, so I ran around the whole PRINE incubator asking entrepreneurs to vote for us. I had tons of fun meeting everyone… I was on such a social high =]5 b. I’ve also been having a lot of fun getting people to spread my last blog entry around. (I created a prize drawing to get people to vote for Mathieu of Contract Live.) This is going to sound very obsessive, but I really enjoyed watching the number of views, comments and link clicks go up!5 c. I get to discover how many people voted for Mathieu tonight and pick a winner! I think I’ll have Alex help me to make sure it’s fair and random ;D

OK, time to go back to puking sugar rainbows and flying kittens until I head to the airport<3

Super Kitten to the rescue!


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