Do Me a Favor and Win 1 of 3 Sweet Prizes <3

I have a favor to ask of you O=] I need you to go to this website (not spam, promise.) and vote for Mathieu Lhoumeau (you do this by clicking on the bullet next to his name at the bottom of the page and then clicliking on “votez” French for vote.) Should Contract Live get enough votes, we’ll enter the semi finals of BFM Académie’s entrepreneur contest and possibly win 100 000 euros.

So what’s in it for you? You’ll get something awesome ^^ I have three ideas:

1.) Some very Parisian music boxes I saw in a shop in the heart of Paris

This looks kind of like the music boxes I saw, except they were even cuter ❤

2.) Fancy, delicious French chocolate

Sooo many yummy brands of chocolate in France =3 which one will I be giving you? =p

3.) Or dinner at the best French restaurant I know in the Bay Area (I’ll be in the bay for a week in early March.)

Guess what this is?

Here’s how it’ll work: you go on that website, vote for Mathieu, and then leave a message on this blog letting me know that you did (extra points for those of you who also like Contract Live on Facebook and triple points if you also share it with your friends!) I’ll pick a winner randomly (using the number system.) Whoever wins will send me a picture showing they voted (a print screen of the website after you vote) and then receive their prize ^^

I’m not sure which prize I’m going to give away yet, so let me know which one YOU’d like to win here:


We REALLY want to win though, so I’m going to up the stakes even more =] If I get 50 people to vote and leave a message on my wall before the poll ends at 6:30pm Paris time tomorrow, I will give ALL THREE of these prizes away. Feel up to the challenge? Vote for Mathieu and spread this will all your friends!


25 thoughts on “Do Me a Favor and Win 1 of 3 Sweet Prizes <3

  1. Of course I voted, Sophie–but I don’t need a prize. I really enjoying seeing your photos and following your day. Thank you for alerting me to your blog. Mrs. Thoe

  2. Bien entendu, la communauté Supélec a voté pour Mathieu :). En mm temps qui pourrait resister aux injonctions de Florian Parain (pour ne pas le citer).

    Bon courage à vous et dans vos beaux nouveaux bureaux! (à quand la crémaillère??)


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