Sore Throat Home Remedies

I get sick a lot… so I’m pretty much used to the whole “drown yourself in soup, spray cough syrup down your throat, and wallow in your snot” routine. Since I’m sick (yet again) I thought this would be a great opportunity to share with you the best remedies I’ve discovered over the years.

1. The grossest

Salt water gargle. Do I need to say more? Yes, salt does disinfect your throat, but it tastes so horrible!

2. Strongest

Boiled ginger. Yup, just peel and mince (is that the right word?) that ginger then boil it with water. It’s super spicy so you won’t feel your throat for hours afterwards. I first tried this when I spent the summer (2010) in Bahrain. I got a sinus infection and then an ear infection (you should really listen to your doctor when s/he tells you to take ALL your antibiotics on time!), so my friend’s Malaysian housemaid, Ronnie, made me this wonderful concoction.

3. Yummiest

Hmm even looks yummy ^^

My favorite is and will most likely always be warm water with honey and lemon. Yeah, tea tastes great and all but this is just so much nicer. The honey and lemon both have disinfectant properties so they clear germs out of your throat, and the honey also soothes all that pain.

4. Strangest

Inhalation… you inhale steam (with herbs if you want–thyme seems to be popular.) My mom used to this when she’d get sick and my granny made me try it when I was falling sick several months ago… it’s interesting. You stuff your face into this plastic thing and just inhale as much steam as you can. sure clears your nasal passages!

5. The one I’m too chicken to try

Cayenne boiled in hot water (or with anything really.)



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