Wanna Get A Good Deed Under Your Belt?

What better way to start off the new year than to do a good deed? Even if you don’t cut down on candy/junk food enough or hit the gym 4 times a week, at the least you’ll have the satisfaction and resulting fuzzy feeling of knowing you helped change someone’s life.

Ok enough with the mushy intro. My friend Cherish would love nothing more than to go to Brazil. She’s not made of money though (Yeah, I know. Neither are you.) so she’s reaching out =]

Just like me, she’s a member of AIESEC, an amazing international student organization that has changed my life in ways I can only begin to explain. Ask anyone of my friends, they’ll tell you I’m crazy about it O=] As an AIESECer, you get to run your own business. You manage a global internship and conference program (you do sales, HR, comm., project management, everything.)

Let’s help Cherish go abroad. The internships don’t cost a lot but living in a foreign country for an extended period of time does. Can you spare $5? It’s not much, but if everyone who reads my blog gives her $5 we could help her get $1400 closer to her goal.

I donated, and I hope you will too.

Go here to read her story and see how much she has raised so far, and go here to share with your Facebook friends.

3 thoughts on “Wanna Get A Good Deed Under Your Belt?

  1. To work on her portuguese and experience life in a foreign country. She’s been taking portuguese lessons to prepare, but more importantly, she had never been out of the US before attending an AIESEC conference in Mexico last year.

    She’s open-minded and learning about the world =]
    That’s definitely something I want to contribute to ^^

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