My All-Time Rock Faves

A friend recently asked me for a rock playlist, so I thought I would share the bounty with anyone else who’s interested =]

Yeah, yeah… I know I’m a Gleek


3 thoughts on “My All-Time Rock Faves

  1. thanks sophie-kins! i will have to go through most of the songs cos i havent heard of them!!! however i do love slide, its my fav song from goo goo dolls, and better days ^___^ i do recommend you incubus – drive, wish you where here, steller and miss you! Also the script nothing!!

  2. I’m in love with Evanescence, I love the ethereal voice of Amy Lee…so much remindings…

    Ça voix c’est un vrai réve! Great collection of songs Anne, I enjoyed all of them. I like your music style 🙂

    Taking over me….incroyable!

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