Shopping in France on a Budget

My dad went back to the US today =/ My grandpa and I dropped him off at the airport this morning. Luckily, I had a good distraction to take my mind off of it this afternoon!

Sales started on Wednesday, and for anyone who’s never been in Paris (or anywhere in France, I imagine) during winter or summer sales… it’s impressive! There are 30, 40, 50% off signs all over the place–and not only in store fronts mind you!

I had a little Christmas shopping left to do (for my lovely Bahraini sisters Tima and Toonie <3) so I headed over to the Parly 2 mall in Le Chesnay (right next to Versailles.) Here are the top 3 stores I recommend for low prices and great sales!


They have great prices on shoes (well, for France anyway ><‘) year round, so you can only imagine how much better they get during the almighty winter sales =] I’ve seen their already affordable shoes up to 50% off. Some of the choices I would have looked into if I didn’t have too many shoes already ::sigh?::

Richelien plateforme à talon

Boots clous

Would have waited a little longer to wait these if I had known they would be 30% off ><‘

Bottine talon fausse fourrure



This store sells clothes and accessories. You can fin jeans, t-shirts, sparkly dresses… and scarfs, hats (got myself a white hat with a pom pom on top ^^), and all sorts of jewelry. Price-wise, awesome! I found a bracelet on sale for 2 euros… difficult to beat that!

My white pom pom hat ^^

Blue sequined dress

Christmas necklace

3. Last but not least, a favorite even when I lived in the US =]


They’ve got adorable dresses ❤


And nothing beats the feeling of slipping into a pair of 27/32 Loyals

H&M's Loyal Jean

P.S.: I didn’t take any of these pictures myself. They come from merchant websites–if you click on an image it’ll take you to the site where I found it, and where you can also buy it. Hooray for free marketing!


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