We Have a Winner: English Lessons It Is!

Thanks to everyone who voiced their opinion on my poll! It was a close one, but I’ll be giving little kids English lessons. Organizing picnics and leading workshops for handicapped people came in at a close second.

I found the idea for giving English lessons through Le Centre Social BelleVille, but I’m open to other suggestions too =] They called me back today and it turns out most of their stuff is during the week while I’m at work, and they’re just looking for people to help k-12 graders with homework… so let me know if you guys know of a place I can give kids English lessons. Otherwise it sounds like there’s a lot of demand for professional English classes for Paris entrepreneurs so that’s another lead =]

Now, what I need you guys to do is vote for Mathieu Lhoumeau, my boss, so we can get into the quarter finals and then hopefully win the BFM Académie entrepreneur contest–the prize is a publicity campaign ^^ (scroll down, select Mathieu Lhoumeau, and then click on “votez.”)


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