Visit to Musée Guimet

Finally got to go visit the Musée Guimet this weekend =] I couldn’t find the exhibit with pictures from the Meiji era ><‘ but the rest of the collections were really interesting!

Thai Statuette

Elephant Hunting Hook

Indian Queen Maya Devi giving birth to prince Siddhartha

Can you find the 11th head?

Chinese Statuette

Wouldn't you love sleeping on this hard pillow?

Chinese Tea Kettle

Check out all of the objects held in his(?) hands


4 thoughts on “Visit to Musée Guimet

  1. It’s hard to say, Shiva itself is considered the creater and the destroyer. This form of Shiva as the Cosmic Dancer has all the flames surrounding it which is symbolic for both of those acts (destruction, creation). I don’t think the dance itself is particularly more one or the other, but inherently a trait of the diety and of the symbolic imagery in the piece.

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