My Startup’s on BFM Académie!

Yup, Mathieu Lhoumeau (pictured on left), co-founder of Contract Live (where I work =] ), is on BFM Business Radio‘s entrepreneur competition BFM Académie this weekend. Each week, 2 entrepreneurs face off and listeners are invited to vote online until the following Thursday (January 12, 2012 for us.) This is where you guys come in!

As promised, I will volunteer if Contract Live wins this first round =] As of now, “giving little kids English lessons” is winning on my poll, but “organizing picnics/leading workshops for handicapped people” is a close second! I’m not cutting it off yet, so go ahead and vote there too if you would like.

To be completely honest, I’ll volunteer even if Contract Live doesn’t win. I really would appreciate it if you would at least check out the interviews here though and vote if you feel inclined to do so =] (there are videos on the “and vote” link too.)

Thanks everyone, and have an awesome weekend!

❤ Sophie



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