My 1st Entrepreneurs Happy Hour (Apéro entrepreneurs)

Attended my first Apéro entrepreneurs last night! And it was awesome =]

Met my first entrepreneur before even getting a beer: a pint (didn’t realize it would be so big ><‘) of the closest thing O’Malley’s Pub had to a Stella. I was standing in line, imagining how I was about to make a fool of myself in front of all these entrepreneurs (I’m only a lowly comm’ girl after all. You gotta have your own startup to be part of this in-crowd!) and asked the lady waiting in front of me if she was here for Apéro entrepreneurs. Hey… that wasn’t so bad…

Found my first entrepreneur within a few seconds, had a fun conversation with her (some other entrepreneurs who later joined our conversation said we looked like we were long-time friends. Trying to kiss up? =p) She told me most of the people  at O’Malley’s that night were there for Apéro entrepreneurs. Super impressive since the place was packed!

Now, of course, after she left I managed to find the one group who WASN’T there for Apéro entrepreneurs XD Still made for some interesting conversation though!

Overall, this was a very fun event! I met some nice people, had some very interesting conversations, and found a way to network with more entrepreneurs (who knew there were so many in Paris?!) I’ll definitely be going back =]

P.S. All  the pictures I posted come from Apéro Entrepreneurs Paris‘ Facebook page since I hadn’t gotten my camera (left it at friend’s place after New Year’s party.)


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