A Little Healthy Cooking

I noticed some dieters were checking out my blog so I thought I’d make something healthier =]

Tonight I made cod with white rice, carrots, and peas. Super Easy!

Heat water until it boils, add rice and then lower the heat so it doesn’t boil over.

Then grab a pan, turn on the heat, add some butter, and then lower the heat once it simmers (don’t want to burn your butter.)

Add the cod (I cooked it at heat 7–out of 9), and flip it over at half time. My box said to cook the cod 8-9 minutes so I flipped them over at 4.

Then it’s time to start warming your veggies. I got lazy and used canned peas and carrots, but of course it’s better to buy and cook fresh ones.

A great way to manage your weight is to cook healthy food at the beginning of the week (or the weekend) so you already have food to eat during the week. I’m less tempted to eat out or grab something unhealthy if I’ve already got something to microwave in the fridge =]

Bon appétit !

P.S. Choosing flavorful rice such as basmati helps you cut down on butter, salt and pepper too!


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