You Finally Get to Make Me Do What You Always Wanted… Oh Noez !

I’m going to do something I hope I don’t regret today…

A few weeks ago, my boss Mathieu was interviewed for BFM Académie, a French radio show that has an entrepreneur competition. When his interview airs in January, we’re going to have 5 days to get as many votes as we can to beat our competitor to the next round. Check out previous podcasts here.

The prize? GLORY! Oh the things I am willing to do for glory… in order to motivate all of you to vote for us and help us win, I am going to let you choose my fate.

Should Contract Live win this first round, I will let you choose ONE THING I will do. Details: can’t be illegal or bad for my professional future. Nothing perverted please…

So start posting ideas! I’ll put them up to a vote before the show airs =] And I’ll do whatever gets the most votes if we win. (Honestly? I’m a little scared what you people will come up with…)
Scared... Oh, so scared...


6 thoughts on “You Finally Get to Make Me Do What You Always Wanted… Oh Noez !

  1. Well sophikins u knw at the top of my list ate a lot the perverted stuff I cud ask u to do… But I wud suggest invest ur time in fighting for a cause or helping some one (1 week or 1 month) 2011 was cruel to a lotta us.. But we are getting through I’m sure somewhere out there, someone is in need of a hand…

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