Dec 18 Grumpy Sophie

Dec 18 Grumpy Sophie by sophiefrenchgrl
Dec 18 Grumpy Sophie, a photo by sophiefrenchgrl on Flickr.

Sorry peeps but this is gonna be a rant fest. Public transit sucked like no other today.

Normally, public transit pisses me off like no other. Slow people won’t let me pass, teenagers run all over the place and bump into people… the metro always stops the stop right before mine–no joke. I actually kept track the last 2 weeks to test this. My findings? 4 times out of 5 it stopped the stop right before mine. That one time out of five? 2 stop before T.T

Today was especially impressive and grumpifying though (trip from my grandparents’ house took over twice as long as usual: 3.5 hours. I really wish I was kidding!)

Without further adieu, have a good laugh on me! The things I learned today:

  1. Pubic transit in Paris may be better than in the U.S., but it freakin’ sucks when something goes wrong! Someone committed suicide on a line and it took them almost 2 hours to get it figured out. Meanwhile, they had a few buses come by and pick people up to take them to the nearest stop. These were only able to help 25% of the people stranded. I may have been a little generous with my percentage…
  2. Taxi reservation phone operators are appallingly incompetent. I got charged 1,30 euros per minute I was on the phone. Waited several minutes while being charged as aforementioned. The operator who finally responded DID NOT KNOW HOW TO LOOK UP THE METRO ADDRESS ON THE COMPUTER! Didn’t that deserve caps? Even little kids know how to do this nowadays…
  3. McDonalds tea is ridiculously overpriced. 1,40 euros for a paper cup, holder thingy, plastic lid, hot water and a bag of tea? Hope you made a lot of profit on that one.
  4. Grandma truly does know best. After waiting out in the cold and rain for an hour+ I now believe you. Granny, you were right. I need a warmer coat. Buying one. Tomorrow. Oh, and one of those cool hats =] And perhaps a pretty blond wig as well


Last point, I do not condone suicide. However, if you’re going to kill yourself, please do so in a way that does not screw everyone else over!

There were a few good things though!

1. I got to play with a really cute golden retriever that looks like my stepdad’s dog, Lily ^^

Lily <3

2. Had Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, and The White Tie Affair on my iPod to cheer me up =]

Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “Dec 18 Grumpy Sophie

  1. So sorry about your day–but wasn’t it worth it to see your family? We will both draw in big breaths of air and face the next five days before Christmas. God bless you!

  2. Yes, sorry about the bad day. It’s true that public transportation in or around Paris is….. a pain. Hope you have a great week!

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