Nov 30 Another Competition! Show Me Your Creativity!

Hi guys!

My mom guessed the wine’s name and I realized I hadn’t even created a contest with a prize because I didn’t think anyone would know it ><‘ So I thought it might be time for another contest ^^

My grandpa very kindly gave me all of these apples (I like to take apples to work to snack on) but they got all banged up in my bag =/ I’ve got a few more that are even older and an orange.

What should I do with all these apples? I’ve got a few ideas of my own but let’s see what you guys come up with! The winner will either be the most wacky idea or the one I actually end up doing, or maybe both ❤ I haven’t decided what I wanna send as a prize for the winner so feel free to post prize ideas too!

Just like last time, please post your ideas on my blog and not on Twitter, Facebook, any other media otherwise I’ll have a hell of a time following all of the threads and figuring out the winner. You’ve got 48 hours. On your mark, get set, GO!


17 thoughts on “Nov 30 Another Competition! Show Me Your Creativity!

  1. Take each apple and core it from the top, basically remove the middle of the apple while keeping the bottom intact so you have a cup. Stuff the center with a mix of oatmeal, brown sugar, and cinnamon (basically Fall season related ingredients). Once you stuff the apple with the filling put it in the oven and bake it. The skin on the apple with wrinkle and the ingredients will get nice and warm. Remove the apples from the oven and let them cool for a few minutes. Finally, put vanilla ice cream on top.

  2. Easy Tarte Tatin
    make a caramel with sugar and butter in a pan. Arrange the quarters of the apples in an oven dish, top them with the caramel, 30′ in the oven. Place a puff pastry sheet on top for 10′.

  3. Cut them in half, burn-mark a face of Jesus and Virgin Mary and sell them as art (after you have got coverage from Canal+) 😉 You could end a millionaire ;-D

    Then again, I like the apple pie idea but that was already suggested. So here is my Hail Mary: Build a little distillery and produce Calvados by Sophie \m/

    • Haha you have no idea how many apples I’ve given to homeless people so far! Somehow I usually end up with an extra one in my purse at the end of the day ><' You didn't really give me an idea of what to cook with them, or even a cool arts & crafts project…

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