Nov 29 Voskel’s Exhibit Opening

I’m a little late posting the pictures, but here are the ones from Voskel‘s latest exhibit “La Nature du Design.”

Isn’t the inside beautiful? This first picture is of a window in one of the walls inside. I didn’t take anywhere near enough pictures to show you guys how great this gallery looks! The gallery owner even had artists write messages on one of the walls ^^

One of the artists in this exhibit made some really interesting jewelry–you can’t see it from this angle, but the necklace underneath this one had a lego piece on it =D

Nov 29 Voskel's Exhibit Opening
Disclaimer: I stole this last pic from their Google Maps page OXD

Nov 29 Voskel's Exhibit Opening


2 thoughts on “Nov 29 Voskel’s Exhibit Opening

  1. Thanks Mom =] I wish you’d come visit for Christmas, but I may just be able to go to Cali in March ^^
    Did you check out Voskel’s Facebook page? Your friend put up even more pictures of her gallery and the exhibit there.

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