Nov 17 The View From My Window

Isn’t the view from my apartment beautiful? Unfortunately this isn’t the view from my bedroom, but seeing the Eiffel Tower from the living room is still pretty awesome! Did you know it lights up on the hour every night? I’ll see if I can post a video =]


4 thoughts on “Nov 17 The View From My Window

  1. So I have to say, moving to Paris is pretty much my dream so reading your blog has given me the chance to do it vicariously through you! I can’t wait until it’s my turn. 🙂

    • I’m glad you like it ^^
      It was intimidating, but I’m really happy I did it!
      When are you coming to Paris? All I can say is, don’t wait too long. You’ll wish you had done it earlier =]

      • “When are you coming to Paris?”
        I ask myself that question every day! I’m hoping as soon as I’ve graduated (in May) and have a little time to work and sort things out, I can go. I hope!

      • That’s a great time to embark on such an adventure =]
        I moved to Paris as soon as I graduated too.
        Figured I had nothing to lose and plenty of time to get it all figured out!

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