Nov 11 Chevreuse Early in the Morning

Isn’t Chevreuse beautiful early in the morning? I took this picture at 7:30 am today. Funny story about public transit this morning…

Today is a national holiday in France. November 11th commemorates the French soldiers that fought in the “Grande Guerre”since on that day in 1918 the French and Germans signed an armistice. Today my grandfather went to a ceremony and received medals for his service in the war in Algeria (I’ll see if I can get pictures.)

They hoped it would be the last war between them… Ironic huh? Either way, it was a holiday but I went to work anyway since I still had something to take care of.

Getting there was pretty difficult though! The bus I usually take to the train station wasn’t scheduled to run until 10 am so I walked 30 min to the station, but when I got there I learned that the train wasn’t running this weekend because of construction. As a result I needed to take a bus to the train station 2 stops ahead…

However, the bus was out of service because some guy passed out on it! So… I watched as medics and firefighters woke him up and walked him off the bus (turned out he was high and drunk) and then the next bus arrived. What a morning! I think it makes for a funny story though =]


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