Nov 7 Sunshine on a cloudy day

Nov 7 St Musician by sophiefrenchgrl
Nov 7 St Musician, a photo by sophiefrenchgrl on Flickr.

Today…. was kind of iffy.

I got to work half an hour early (8:30) because my grandparents nagged me all morning since they were afraid I’d be late (I moved back to Chevreuse so I hadn’t done the morning commute from here yet.)

Then around 5:30pm today my boss apologized and told me he had an urgent last minute project for me to take care of, so I ended up staying until 8pm instead of leaving at 6:30.

I was pretty tired and hungry so I was going to buy a banana from a street vendor at the entrance of my métro station but the guy was really nice and gave it to me!! So I decided to keep the good karma going and gave my 1 euro coin to this street musician =]

…woulda been a pretty good day if my granny hadn’t yelled at me for coming home so late and letting my boss “exploit” me ><‘


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