Nov 1 2011 La Toussaint

Nov 1 2011 La Toussain by sophiefrenchgrl
Nov 1 2011 La Toussain, a photo by sophiefrenchgrl on Flickr.

November 1st is La Toussaint in France (the day of the year where we honor the dead by cleaning their graves and leaving flowers/plants, kinda like dia de los muertos) so I thought I would honor all the relatives whose graves I didn’t visit with a picture of a beautiful plant.

During La Toussaint pretty much everyone gets the day off (better get your grocery shopping done beforehand!) so they can go fulfill their familiar duties. It’s my first time back in France for La Toussaint in 15 years but sadly I was unable to go take care of the graves (and get back in time for work tomorrow morning) since they’re all far away in other regions of France. I realize that France seems rather small when you compare it to the US (approx. the size of Georgia) but it still takes a while to go visit the different corners of the country!

Instead… I slept in, stayed home and worked.

Hope you like the picture and this small bit of French history/customs!


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