It’s My 1-Month Anniversary

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1-month anniversary of what? Well, of coming to France of course! 1 month ago exactly I arrived at Charles de Gaulle international airport in Paris super drowsy (it was 6 am after all!) It’s been an amazing food fest: baguettes, rillettes, croissants, and my grandmother’s amazing French home cooking =3

France is absolutely beautiful this time of year. The leaves have begun turning golden, red and brown–check out the view from outside my window:

I’ve also been up to quite a bit since I arrived! I’ve created somewhere between 5-10 versions of my CV, written cover letters in French, networked at job fairs, applied to 20+ jobs and gone on 7 interviews.

Wow… it doesn’t sound like all that much if you just look at the numbers ><‘ I did spend 1-2 weeks learning  about the French economy as well as how to go about looking for work though… and riding the RER/metro to Paris for interviews took at least 1 hour (if not 2) in each direction–yeah, that does make me feel a little better =] More importantly though, I was also still working for while conducting my job search.

In case you haven’t had a chance to do so recently, check out my other blog . It’s getting more and more readers and comments–thanks for leaving comments guys! I love y’all =] Our Facebook page ( has also gotten a revamp! There are now funny pictures, interesting articles,  poles and an embarrassing stories forum for you to enjoy and participate in.


4 thoughts on “It’s My 1-Month Anniversary

  1. I was curious where your facebook page is, I don’t see the link in this post! You should also make the site a link!

    Besides that the photo looks great, looks like a sweet place to be. Look at all those delicious foods you listed!

    That’s actually a lot of interviews in a month for only applying to 20 places. Besides that, I wouldn’t discount all of the things you’ve been doing online. You’re obviously making a mark through your social outlets. Keep your readers engaged and coming back for more!

    I feel like you do a great job of bringing discussions you have in your life to your friends online in a way that’s interactive and interesting to read. There’s something there and I think people are beginning to catch on.

    I like the attempts to engage other blogger sites with your discussions too by bringing up what you’ve read (talking about the abstinence post) and getting opinions. Keep it up!

    • Thanks DP =] I always appreciate your encouragement and feedback! I tried creating links but they didn’t work for some reason so I thought it best to simply write the url’s out. I’ll give it another try though, so we’ll see!

      Thanks again for all your kind comments =] I’m glad you enjoy my blogs! hopefully more people will catch on too and start leaving comments–I love the discussion/conversation that ensues!

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