Work Hard and Play Hard!

Hello, I had a very interesting week! My job search is coming along. I went on 2 interviews last week and have at least 3 more (looks like I may have up to 6 if everything goes well) in the works for this coming week. Emails are finally coming in in response to CV’s I posted on sites likes and also emails I sent to apply for jobs, so I’m very excited!

I also finally had a bit of a social life this weekend too– a friend invited me to go to a dance ( Gala Supelec) for a prestigious French engineering school with her and some of her friends, and it was tons of fun! Check out how awesome the place looked:

I’m glad I got to have a little fun–I kind of missed going out with friends the last three weeks. We danced so much my legs are actually sore today! Now it’s back to work looking for work though.


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