Good News!

I’ve got some good news! My job search is finally gearing up and moving along =]

The Silicon Sentier Le Camping start-up recruitment event last Saturday really did end up being very helpful. Not only did I meet many interesting people, but I’ve already also scheduled 4 interviews. The first one was this morning. I was surprised how well the interview went. The CEO of (awesome website you guys should check out by the way!) was very kind and said that she was impressed by the way I carried and expressed myself last Saturday. She seemed very interested in hiring me but does not have the budget to pay for anything other than an intern–and in France, you have to a student in order to be an intern (blah administrative stuff!)

Either way, it was very kind of her and made me feel much better about my prospects. Maybe I am going to be able to find work here that is at the same time interesting and allows me to continue to develop myself, but also allows me to be financially independent.

She also introduced me to the CEO of Black Divine. He created this start-up in order to be able to work on several projects at once. In short, it’s a start-up that’s got a whole bunch of other start-ups under its wings, enabling them to share resources and know-how (a very intelligent, interesting setup!) I’m not sure whether I’ll be hired to work for Black Divine, but I was very excited after this interview and can’t wait to hear back from them!

I’ve got 3 more interviews in the works for this week and early next week, so I’ve still got other opportunities if and Black Divine don’t work out. Some of these start-ups are very interesting too. I’m really glad I have several possibilities. It’s good to know that people are interested in my skills and that I may be able to work on something I’m actually passionate about, or at the very least interested in. I’ll give you guys more info about the other start-ups as well as updates about my interviews as I go through them.


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