Looking For Work Is Hard Work!

Hi everyone,

Pictures are nice and pretty, but I thought you might all like to get some actual news! I’ve now been in France for two weeks and a half… and things are coming along slowly I guess. My first week I took care of lots of administrative things (as I think I already mentioned in a past post), and then my second week I started sending out tons of CVs and cover letters.

… that wasn’t very successful. The depression hurt the French economy, but , even more than that, it is very difficult for recent graduates “jeunes diplômés” to find work in France. The socialist French government passed legislation (quite a while back) that makes it very difficult for companies to fire employees. As a result, it is rather difficult to get hired in the first place. Furthermore, the French tend to be loaded with degrees, which makes my two Bachelor’s Degrees look rather inadequate.

Not to worry though, I’ve still been finding opportunities! I’ve been working my networks for contacts in France and may have opportunities at Nissan-Renault and HSBC. Job forums have also been an interesting avenue. Thursday, I attended Forum Paris Pour L’Emploi, but it wasn’t very interesting. There were way too many applicants for each position offered, and there were only 8 companies even looking to hire someone in Communications.

The event was held in beautiful Place de la Concorde though–so I took a few pictures. Check out the amazing view!

The Obélisk, Eiffel Tower, and Fontaine des Mers (Fountain of the Seas)

The Forum Paris pour l’Emploi wasn’t very useful, but I got a lead for a great networking event for startups, Jobs for Bob, from an AIESEC US alum in Paris (thanks for introducing us Alex!) The event was great! I made tons of contacts with startups in Paris, met a lot of interesting individuals, and may even have found several jobs! We’ll have to see how it all turns out, but I may just have found an internship for Silicon Sentier, the org that put the event on.

I’m sorry I forgot to take pictures this morning, but you may be able to find some on Silicon Sentier or Le Camping (their startup project)’s website: http://siliconsentier.org/le-camping/

That’s all for now.




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